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tv   Sarahs Music - Sarahs Music Soloists  Deutsche Welle  October 2, 2017 4:15am-4:31am CEST

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very complicated time to back days and i think we need many many many meetings. that i understand what he wants from me so an end of the day you will sit me on a bench or more on the on the high on the side of the phone. ok so you're not as one might need some time before he takes over the reins admired that's full time for the bit as they go on a d.w.i. like to thank our guests michelle d.m.z. and nick like in a client and i'd like to thank you our viewers. it is. on freedom and the whole. world i come from the region is rich in history style and talent but so poor in education opportunity and freedom this makes it especially difficult for independent journalists i see many of the younger promising janitors
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now making names for themselves all over there are. some might get tired of the way some might follow some with continue. their experience of freedom a sense is like the few that you can visit but your car come back on. when you're fifty one and i work and you know me.
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hi and welcome back to serious music today's episode is a compilation of some of my favorite soloists we've had on the program so far i love doing these compilations because it means i can delve around in the serious music archives for hours and revisit some of these fantastic musicians today we're starting off with a wonderful trippin off. so
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daniel we're in the hamburg coffee house you're really all over the world you actually do like discovering these new cities or do you know them already well and move them all out as when i was seven or eight my cousin that was my mind when i was a kid to look at the maps i would study in the minus maps of the financing to sell and later on to try stuff. on the process and of course since i always knew them all so when you come to a city it's like you know it already well of course but i still something to say if
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the map of which i ever got. was as i usually have. i usually like walking you see it explode in it and do you need your g.p.s. so it can you just go oh you know i look at the month before you tell and i just understand anything that's fantastic that's good for difficult piano pieces as well to have this ability to to look and then go for a list of good. is it a lonely life being a soloist i'm home playing i mean i'm always with an orchestra and we were together all the time which is sometimes too much somehow i would say it was especially more difficult when i was younger when i was seventeen or eighteen when i just started playing. and i just thought of one of course that's authentic was my meaning authentic because i have i just want to convey this information i was sixteen and it went so yes i played a lot of it. that was in no way you could because
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it was a first experience for me you know office along. so
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hawken welcome back to berlin thank you for playing a piece you know very well you've played over sixty times as aereo most of. the.
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what you've done for the trumpet world you have extended the repertoire beyond belief and that's what you really actually set or set out to do you've had people write things for you ever since the beginning if we're gonna say that the trumpet. the possibility of being a solo instrument in the classical scene and that need to be substantial yes something that that is really can compete with a group great violin concerto a great piano concerto a singer you know the choices that a conductor or a program committee are endless and the choice of. music is also endless one of the biggest music events i've ever been involved in was the two thousand and fifteen your vision song contest in vienna no i didn't sing i was part of marching group because percussive planet ensemble and we played in the interval since then martin has been one of my favorites of the west so of course we have him in the program today.
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the end.
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to end. war to sunni. and but inc to this bombing that some of the number can be connected given this is so interesting sorel help plucked a concept an off took a cue from the chest monday. concept probably come to stand by its own so i'm fine with. mentions consider our star and avoid it as a primal six but i doubt the average male angle on this one can encounter success given fluids once you go out of the months for the fun one sponsored by the five on to the space of a five year bring us miss your marks and what we get to this is like i'm funny and on ten names salute my father sits on the mastermind. the phones feel the aisle but they don't i don't see it's the program that's on the state of the looking sticker going into mitt. romney in the sound up but i get it all and he says lightens up the flock to go about six don't think a new instructor i don't do i don't know these different they come up should be off
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my getting to be on. daniel i know everybody ask you this but how do you manage to fit it all in in the meantime it's a huge team around the world that that helps and supports me and you know with that team of course my wife is a big part you know she she's able to to also allow me to do certain things and we
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travel a lot and gather because i want you know my son to be around especially at this time and i guess it's just this love of music that keeps me going from morning till night you still have to come up with all the ideas for your books for your festivals for your programs incredible those seem to come very quickly that's not the problem is making them happen as you know with projects it's always one thing to think of the idea but you know follow it through i mean obviously no one parent for years about actually getting together this is the first time.
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that's officer is music for today you can watch the complete episodes featuring our wonderful some of this on line in the series music archive but for now i see you next time i think we should reverse the challenge that i have for the trumpet. oh. that's a note. down the dandelions hop into play don't get so tired but this time anyway i'm looking forward to the fun rights and party tent and of course i want to try typical october first beer journey into the festivals history. and see what it's
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like to welcome on the map to that. jazz. she read between the notes. where does her intensity come from. the secret to her passion for playing music. the way that you give more. piece of my soul to cellist soul get better. in forty five minutes on. climate change. waste. pollution. isn't it time for good news. at africa people and projects that are changing the environment for the better it's up
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to us to make a difference because what. magazine d w. make your smart t.v. the smarter with the smart. what you want when you want it. up to date. extraordinary. in depth. you decide what songs. find out what d.-w. smart.


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